Don't Rent to Live, Rent to Own Instead

Stop Throwing Money Away on Rent

Industry reports show rental vacancies are running low. The market for rental housing has been flooded with a natural influx of new renters striking out for a new or replacement home and from unexpected, new sources including: foreclosure refugees, upside-down home sellers, discouraged home buyers who can't get a loan, and lingering, procrastinating home buyers who still don't feel ready to jump in to buy.

More people have turned to rentals, but the availability of new rental housing is not keeping pace. So there are fewer options available to renters.

Plus, thanks to the natural laws of supply and demand against prices, as the supply of rentals shrinks due to increased demand, rent rates will surely rise. It's no surprise, then, to see rents rise year over year...while home prices have fallen. The inventory of homes for sale keeps building because there are too few buyers shopping the market.

Then, it's no wonder there's been a resurgence of interest in rent to own housing. If more people are forced to rent anyway, why not rent with an option to buy?

Why throw money away on rent? Rent to buy puts rent dollars to work, not to waste! And with fewer buyers out in the market, discouraged sellers might be more ready than ever to set an attractive purchase price now. A lease option home purchase helps more buyers buy, and more sellers sell!