Protect Yourself From Fake scams

GetRentToOwn Scams Can be Avoided – Simple Tips for Consumer Protection

We've seen here at GetRentToOwn scams targetting out customers, but there are ways to identify them before you become a victim. For starters, never respond to an email requesting personal information, including your login information. Some phony emails can look very similar to official GetRentToOwn correspondence, giving you the impression it's a GetRentToOwn scam - but the authentic GetRentToOwn website will never ask for that information through email.

Email and Website Scams

Your personal information should never be shared through email, no matter who sends you an email message. If you receive an email from GetRentToOwn, open a new window and go to this exact address: When visiting this authentic GetRentToOwn website, you are protected by GoDaddy Trusted encryption, which ensures no one can intercept your personal information. You can learn more about GoDaddy to see how they protect your information.

Bypassing the Scams

There are sophisticated scam websites which are designed to look exactly like the authentic GetRentToOwn website. These fake GetRentToOwn scam offers are frequently presented in emails, so unsuspecting people will click on them believing they are going to the real GetRentToOwn website. We notice here at GetRentToOwn complaints often come from those dealing with these scam sites, rather than the authentic site.

PayPal, banks, and other financial businesses have always had to contend with this type of scam, but it is now becoming a problem for all businesses that carry your personal information. If you want to ensure your information is never in jeopardy, you have to learn how to identify and avoid the scams.

The only way to protect yourself is to make sure you only deal with authentic websites and verify who you are communicating with before giving out information. Some information should never be given out to anyone through email, including the following:

  • Bank Account Information
  • Social Security Number
  • Credit Card Account Information
  • Passwords or Usernames

Safety measures recommended by GetRentToOwn:

  • Scams through email: check the actual link by hovering over the link text - if it doesn't match or seems suspicious, DO NOT click on it;
  • scam offers requesting your login information: Don't be fooled! We never request login info or any private data via email;
  • complaint messages about fradulent credit cards: Contact us by phone and we'll review your account;
  • complaints about your credit card not being valid: Again, we never ask for credit card info via email. Contact us by phone and DO NOT give out your credit card to anyone via email.

You're safe at GetRentToOwn

Here are we protect our customers in several ways:

  1. We're accredited with the Better Business Bureau (see our BBB rating here);
  2. We're protected by McAfee security (see our certification here);
  3. We're guaranteed secure through GoDaddy (see our GoDaddy verification here).

I Found a GetRentToOwn Scam – Who Should I Notify?

We are always here to help you with GetRentToOwn complaints. We have a secure phone line and want to hear from you, whether it is for praise or complaint.
Please report potential GetRentToOwn scams through the form on this site,
or give us a call at this number: (888) 596-4702.

Final Thought: You may receive a scam email that appears to have come from GetRentToOwn, when it is coming from somewhere else. This does not mean that they know you have GetRentToOwn account or that they have any personal information on you. These scam emails are typically sent to thousands of people in hopes at least a few will click the link. Our Privacy Policy explains how hard we are working to protect your information.