Foreclosure Buying Guide - Introduction

Congratulations! You are taking the first step to finding a great and unique real estate opportunity with foreclosed homes.

The Foreclosure Buying Guide is here to help you learn helpful information about how foreclosures happen, the various types of repossessed homes available on the real estate market, ways to identify great deals in foreclosed homes and the best approach for your foreclosure purchase to give you preferred financial and lifestyle results.

Before getting involved in buying foreclosures (foreclosed homes, foreclosed condos), or any other major purchase or investment, it’s a good idea to learn the “back story” of how things work, who is involved and what everyone’s financial goals are. This way, you gain the confidence and skill to work out the deal that works best for you.

Knowledge is power. And it doesn’t take too much effort or time to become a knowledgeable, powerful buyer of foreclosures. Learnings gained from our foreclosure tutorial can give the edge needed to win in today’s complicated and competitive real estate market. We offer helpful and action oriented information. You will learn how to buy a foreclosed home and see how easy it can be to realize your real estate dreams.

Before getting into the what, where and how to profit from each type of distressed property, we'll review some detail under the following topics:

  1. Foreclosure Process. What exactly is a foreclosure? Why do they exist?
  2. Foreclosure Timeline. What happens and how long does it take for a home to become a foreclosure?
  3. Procedures and Summary. What legal process is followed, who makes it happen, and what does it mean for potential buyers of foreclosed homes?

After reviewing these sections, you will be better prepared to decide which type of foreclosure listings are most appealing for your wants and needs.