Why Rent When You Can Own?

Find Rent to Own homes you can afford

Great Bargain

Rent to Own
3 Beds / 2 Baths
1,630 fq. ft.

Bad Credit Accepted

Owner Financing
2 Bed / 2 Bath
1,356 sq. ft.

No Down Payment

Lease Option
4 Bed / 3 Bath
2,842 sq. ft.

You can become a home owner sooner than you think

GetRentToOwn.com can help you find the perfect home

What is Rent to Own?

Rent to Own (or "RTO" for short) is a purchase arrangement made between home buyer and home seller under which the home buyer leases the property for the first few years with an option to buy the property at the end of the lease term for a pre-determined price.

Rent to Own may be a great option for you if you...

  • have less than perfect credit for regular mortgage
  • need time to save towards down payment
  • want a part of your rent to count towards down payment
  • want to live in your dream home NOW while getting ready to purchase

Do I Qualify for Rent to Own?

Rent to Own is a lot more flexible than traditional mortgage. First, get your latest credit score and report. If your credit score isn't perfect, that's okay. Our credit specialists can help you put together a plan to improve your credit while you're renting to own the home.

How about the down payment? One of the major potential advantage of Rent to Own is that it gives you time to save up for your down payment while living in the very home you'll buy. Structure a deal where you can have part of your monthly "rent" payment to count towards the down payment. Within just a few short years, you could have much of your down payment prepared.

What's Next?

GetRentToOwn.com makes finding a Rent to Own home easy and fast! Here is what you'll do:

STEP 1: Create your Rent to Own profile: Tell us a little about yourself and the home you're looking for.

STEP 2: Get your latest credit score and report. With this information, you'll know exactly where you stand.

STEP 3: Find the the home of your deams! We have over 300,000 properties that are available for rent to own! Find ones in your area today!

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